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Extensive use in electronic material intermediates and beyond! The alkyl halide series



【CAS No.】 75-26-3
【Chemical name】2-Bromopropane
【Chemical formula】C3H7Br

Manac produces and markets compounds that contain halogen elements (halogen compounds), such as bromine and iodine, and are used as intermediate compounds in products such as medicines, electronics, semiconductor materials, and photoconductors in copy machines. Examples of Manac’s series include alkyl halides, alpha-bromo compounds, and heterohalogen compounds.

This article reviews the characteristics and applications of the alkyl halide series, which are used for intermediates in products such as electronic materials.

What are alkyl halides?

“Gluing” compounds together using halogen sites

Joining two types of compounds is a two-step process:

  1. Break the original bonds in the two compounds
  2. Create new bonds between the two compounds

Usually, a large amount of energy is required to break the original bonds of a compound, but because bonds between carbon and halogens are relatively weak, a well-placed application of a small amount of energy can break their bonds. This causes the halogen sites in the alkyl halide to bond with other compounds (coupling reaction), causing the halogen to break away.

This means that the halogens present in alkyl halides act as a “glue” to stick other compounds to its site.

Using alkyl halides as “parts” for final compounds

The compounds (final compounds) used in electronic materials and medicines are generally of complex structures. In order to make final compounds, compound structures must be divided into several parts before joining the appropriate parts together. Alkyl halides are ideal for use as one of these parts with their halogen sites acting as the glue.

For example, let’s say we want to use compound A to make final compound B, as illustrated below.

In order to make final compound B, we would need to bond the following structure to the second carbon of compound A:

This structure would need to be bonded to the sixth carbon of compound A:

In this case, we will form two alkyl halides by bonding these two structures with bromine, as shown below, and use them as parts.

We can then make final compound B by causing a coupling reaction between these alkyl halides and compound A.

Series list and applications of each alkyl halide

There are many different compounds in Manac’s alkyl halide series, which are mainly used as intermediates (parts) in products such as electronic materials, ionic liquids, medicines, and flavorants. The following table lists the alkyl halide compounds marketed by Manac, along with their applications and structural formulas. Be sure to check whether there are any “parts” in which you, the reader, may be interested.

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